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Let’s get lost in the world!


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Hello and welcome! I’m Brigitta, the clumsy travel writer behind the blog 🙂


I’ve been traveling the world with my boyfriend for the last 2 and a half years.


Let’s get to know us quickly:

  • We visited 18 countries, 2 continents, 50+ cities, lived in 4 countries- together. Independently the number is waaay higher.
  • Taking a Polaroid picture in every destination is our thing 😉
  • We’re interested in cultures, weird museums and tech stuff
  • Riding around Europe on a motorcycle
  • Eastern Europe and Japan fans
  • Our traveling style: off the beaten paths, road trips, independent traveling.
  • We’re nerds with a terrible sense of humor 🙂


I spend a lot of time and effort when crafting each post. I try to ensure that I include a lot of sarcastic comments useful tips in each post. Before hitting the “publish” button it’s essential for me to provide value and in-depth information of a place.


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pamukkale travertines, visit pamukkale, pamukkale pictures, pamukkale guide


Let’s get to know the readers!


54% of our readers are millennials (age 25-34) and 78% of them are female. The 18-24 year olds are on the second place: 14% of our total readers fall in this age group.

Most of the people who like reading Let’s get lost in the world! Are from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom. Honorable mention goes to: Portugal, Germany, Romania and Turkey.


Let’s see the stats!


These numbers grow as you read this page. Yay!


The combined social media following of the blog is 6000+.


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Let’s see our posts!


What you will find on the blog:


  • Destination guides
  • Travel tips
  • Posts about museums, architecture and art
  • Analog photo essays
  • Off the beaten path
  • Expat guides
  • Motorcycle travel stories and tips


Let’s work together!


We are open for collaborations that fit our traveling style! Please note that we don’t promote anything we don’t believe in or haven’t used.


How can we work together? We’re open for:


  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand collaborations, brand ambassadorship
  • Press/FAM trips
  • Reviews of: hotel, tour, travel product, activities
  • Social media takeover
  • Social media promotion
  • Giveaways/advertisements


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