Ultimate list of gifts for people who love to travel


In case you were wondering what are the things that every traveler wants, I put together a list of gift ideas for travel geeks.

I had so much fun putting together this list of gifts for travel geeks! (Say the last part of that sentence out loud, I dare you! 😀 )

While I was “researching” for this article, I found out a few things:

  1. Everything has a travel edition! Like this portable washing machine. Or the portable sauna.
  2. I want way too much things that have a map on them.
  3. I need packing cubes (see below).


I am traveling with my boyfriend, who is a travel geek 😀 He can spend days hours researching for travel gadgets, comparing the prices, features, colors of every single item he buys. The gadgets are carefully chosen to have a magical balance between price-quality-durability-color. He really put weeks hours of researching the items! 🙂


While I think the best gift for a traveler is money (’cause money buys plane tickets, duh), I would rather receive any of these gifts. I either already use these items or would love to use them on my trips. The article contains gift ideas that either: are budget-friendly, or useful, or expensive as sh*t, or too cool not to buy it, or funny, or boring. (yes, I included boring things too).


The following list of gifts for travelers contains ideas for every budget. I broke it down in a few categories:


  • accessories – gifts that secretly every traveler wants
  • travel inspired gifts – the classic gifts for your wander-luster friends (scratch-off maps, cool travel journals)
  • bags and packing – items that will make a traveler’s life easier (packing cubes, travel bags)
  • experiences – gift cards, hotel vouchers, plane tickets (the best things you can buy for a traveler)
  • travel gadgets – the best gadgets for travelers in 2017, put together with the help of a travel geek my boyfriend
  • toiletries – it’s okay to give someone a shampoo, as long it’s dry shampoo, and that someone is constantly on the road 😉
  • comfort – gifts for the frequents flyers (to no longer receive “I hate flying!” text messages)




Personalized travel gift set

This set of personalized passport cover and luggage tag comes in a variety of colors! It has a compass hand-printed on it, also you can get your initials on them! For your friend who’s not prepared to have a compass as a tattoo 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Colorful passport wallet

I imagine it’s more like a purse, if it fits your passport. Wish I had one, I always misplace my passport. (Speaking of that…)

It comes in a variety of colors and has a lot of little pockets for any other documents you may have!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Travel inspired watch

Dear friends, PLEASE BUY ME THIS. Thank you 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Infinity scarf with hidden pocket

Infinity scarf + hidden pocket? YES, please!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Cool camera strap

Say goodbye to boring black camera straps.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Necklace with map

A cute little gift for traveler girls 🙂

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Sunglasses case

That feeling when you try to clean your sunglasses only to realize they’re scratched- yeah, I definitely need this.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Not sure about these products? Check DotBeasts website for some awesome reviews!



Scratch-off map

Ah, the classic. Are you even a traveler if you don’t own a scratch-off world map?!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Anywhere travel guide

This is my favorite: 75 little cards to inspire exploration. It comes with a card that says: “Eat a dessert for breakfast, three appetizers for lunch, and a breakfast for dinner”. If that doesn’t sum up eating habits while traveling, I don’t know what does 😀


Also, this one: “Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later”. Love. it.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Travel journal

Who is obsessed with journals/notebooks? *slowly raises hand*

It’s one of those journals that’s too pretty to ruin it with your scribbling. Pssst, it comes in multiple colors (and it’s cheap)! 

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Do you need some nice pictures of old buildings in your life?

Follow along on Instagram (no awkward selfies, promise!)

Travelogue travel journal

A travel journal. With maps. And checklists. And scratch-off parts. DEAR FRIENDS, I WANT THIS TOO THANK YOU.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Antique globe

Because I want a globe so I can spin and stop it in any place and say: “Naaah, that place is expensive, let’s spin it again!”.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


World map wall sticker

Another classic gift for travelers. You probably won’t win the “best gift of the year” title with this, but it’s a great last-minute gift for a not-so-special occasion 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!



Anti-theft backpack

Keep your valuables safe! I love every feature of this backpack, it’s awesome!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Packing cubes

I’m still using the roll-don’t-fold technique, but I heard so many great things about packing cube from travelers, that I really think it’s very useful.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Lowepro professional camera bag


The thing I love this camera bag, it’s that you can use it for cameras, laptop and has a compartment where you can pack a lot of stuff too! My boyfriend has been using this camera bag for more than 5 years. According to him, it’s the best one 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Dry bags



Waterproof bags, waterproof bags, waterproof bags!!! You know how many times I wish I had these before I got soaked in rain? Yes, too many times.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Samsonite carry-on suitcase

If you think about buying a suitcase as a gift, this is THE ONE.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Osprey travel Backpack

It’s incredibly comfortable to carry, it has a man and a woman edition, specifically designed for travelers, with a lot of pockets, and cool features. Check it out!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Electronics organizer

I’m not sure that I need this, but I’m sure I want this! 🙂

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Longchamp Travel bag

‘Cause it’s pretty.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Portable safe

When I first saw this, I almost laughed: “a portable safe? haha. who needs that?”

Then I remembered the hostels without a place to lock up your valuables.

Check prices and reviews HERE!



World wide experience gift

Choose from experiences from more than 100 countries- a gift box every traveler will appreciate.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Airbnb gift cards

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy airbnb vouchers, which is kinda the same.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Hotels.com gift card

Give someone a hotel stay anywhere in the world!

Check prices and reviews HERE!




Universal travel adapter

One day, I really hope the world will agree to use the same units of measurement, power source and will drive on the same side of the road. Until then, you’ll need a good power adapter. This one covers 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AUS/Asia plugs, wall plug or integrated USB slots.

Check prices and reviews HERE!



It’s a perfect gift for travelers who love read on the road, but don’t want to carry heavy books in their bag. Although I do not own one, I really hope my parents are reading this post 😀 (NOT A SUBTLE HINT.) Have we already introduced the Kindle-worm phrase? 

Check prices and reviews HERE!


GoPro Hero6

You want to be celebrated as the best gift-giver ever? Buy a GoPro as a gift for a traveler! You can’t go wrong with this gift. Although it is a bit pricey, I think it’s worth every dollar.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Smartphone lenses

A budget-friendly gift for the traveler who loves taking pictures with a phone camera (a.k.a: everybody). This kit comes with 4 different types of lenses (fish eye, wide angle, macro, telephoto) and a remote shutter!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Power bank

It’s worth investing in a good power bank if you are constantly on the road. I use this one with 10400 mAh, and I’m more than satisfied with it!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Solar charged power bank


It’s waterproof, shockproof, and it’s solar charged! It is perfect for outdoor activities, camping. Too cool not to have one.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Bose noise canceling headphones


Perfect for train, plane, bus rides. You know those people who are always smiling when listening to music? That’s because they have noise canceling headphones. (Or a really happy playlist).

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera



We take an instant picture in every destination we visit. In this digital era, holding your picture moments after taking it- the best feeling in the world 🙂 Although I use an old Polaroid camera, I’m in love with the design of this Fuji camera!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Mobile hotspot for traveling

Perfect gift for a traveler friends that is constantly online.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


External hard drive

Best way to back up all your pictures and documents. We have two external hard drives just in case 🙂

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Analog camera

This is the camera I use to document my travels, and I love it. It’s an analog camera, so you might want to buy some film too 🙂

You can look at a collection of photos I took with this camera here: Turkey – an analog photo diary

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Headphone splitter

Sharing is caring 🙂 You can listen to the same playlist. Perfect for friends that travel together.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Mirrorless camera

Check prices and reviews HERE! (You really like your friend, huh?)


Garmin GPS

Getting lost is all fun and games, but you’ll need a good GPS to find your way eventually 🙂

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Polaroid camera

Take your memories to the next level, ladies and gentleman: Polaroid released a brand new instant camera and I fell in love again. Here’s a picture taken with an old version of a Polaroid!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


GorillaPod Camera travel tripod

I don’t own one, but they say it’s the best out there.

Check prices and reviews HERE!




Travel organizers

This is perfect for the travelers who just looove to have everything organized: make-up organizer, jewelry organizer, underwear organizer.

Underwear organizer- my life is complete now.


Quick drying towel

It dries quick. Perfect for backpacking your way through the world.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Dry shampoo

I wish I discovered this sooner 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Travel first aid kit

It’s probably not the best Christmas gift idea, but it is definitely useful for someone who’s going to be abroad a lot.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Babybliss travel hair dryer

Tiny and powerful (that’s what she said), the perfect travel hair dryer.

Check prices and reviews HERE!




Trtl travel pillow

I chose this one, because it looks awesome, but I’m still not convinced it’s very comfortable. Let me know if you try it!

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Travel pillow set

A memory foam travel pillow (with a cell phone pocket), ear plugs, a travel bag, and a sleep mask. If this doesn’t say “I care for you”, then I don’t know what does.

Check prices and reviews HERE!


Sleep mask

If sleep doesn’t make you more beautiful, this sleep mask probably will! 😀

Check prices and reviews HERE!






Hey! This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy anything using some of the links, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me get lost more and write about cool destinations. Thank you!



  • Oooh! I love these! Love the card game one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Katrin says:

    Now this is one exhaustive gift list! it’s hard to choose any favorites, but I do love the infinity scarf with the hidden pocket, so smart! And I agree about Airbnb, i love it. Stayed at the cutest litlle cottage in LA through Airbnb last summer. I’m all fpr packing cubes, once you’ve tried them you can’t live without them 🙂

    Maybe the last gifts on your list are the most important ones, at least healthwise. You really have to get enough sleep to stay healthy and happy!

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