Turda Salt Mine: an underground amusement park

Visiting Turda Salt mine

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The production of salt in this area began in the roman period. The first official document that speaks about the existence of the salt mine dates back to 1271 and was issued by the Hungarian chancellery. The production of salt in the mine stopped in 1932. During the WWII it even served as a hideaway for the population living nearby.


The mine’s micro climate and constant humidity has the abilities to heal asthma and other types of respiratory illnesses. A lot of people visit it for its therapeutic facilities.


The salt mine has been renovated recently and transformed into an underground theme park and health center.

It became a spectacular subterranean wonderland: over 2 million people have visited it since its opening.


The Salina Turda includes an underground lake with paddle and row boats, an amphitheater, a church, a mini golf course, mini football field, bowling, ping pong tables, and a ferries wheel. Pretty cool, huh?


You can read below a complete guide to visiting Turda Salt Mine!


How to get to Turda Salt mine


We visited the Salt Mine recently and tried being a foreign tourist 😀 I live 10 km away from Turda, so I thought this would be an easy quest.

The truth is: it is not easy getting there as a tourist!


Turda is not connected to the railroad system in Transylvania, so you have two options to get there: by bus or with a rented car.


The closest railway station to Turda Salt Mine is at Campia-Turzii, a small city 15 kms away from Turda. If you decide to visit it from there, you can take the number 20 or 21 local bus which will take to Turda city center. The bus station is next to the railway station.



How to get to Turda Salt Mine from Cluj-Napoca?


I assumed that most of the tourists are visiting the Salt Mine as a day trip from Cluj.


There is a mini bus that goes from Cluj-Napoca to Turda every 30-45 minutes. The bus leaves from Piata Mihai Viteazul in Cluj. But the tricky part is: there’s not a single sign to inform the tourists about this. So here are the exact coordinates for the bus station:




See that white bus? Yeah, don’t get on that 😀

There’s a minibus that will take you to Turda from that exact same spot you can see on the picture.


You have to get on the minibus which has “Cluj-Napoca – Turda” written on it! The ones that say “Cluj-Napoca – Turda – Campia-Turzii” will not take you to the city center of Turda. Welcome to Transylvania 😀


The price of a bus ticket is 8 RON. Be sure to go only to Turda centru (Turda city center). From there, just follow the signs to “Salina Turda”.


Easy, right? 😀



Tickets and opening hours


The price to enter the Turda Salt Mine is 30 RON. Students and children pay half of that price: 15 RON.


The other facilities that you can use in the mine are for an extra fee. Check their website for the prices!


Opening hours of Turda Salt Mine: Monday – Sunday, 9.00 – 16.00.



Things to know before visiting Turda Salt Mine


There are two entrances to the Turda Salt Mine. If you are arriving there by bus, be sure to go to the “Salina Turda, Intrarea din Turda” entrance. The other one is a bit far. If you are visiting it with a car, you can go to either one of them.



The temperature is constantly 11-12°C inside the mine. Even in the summer. Dress accordingly, it’s quite a chilly place.


The entrance ticket is 30 RON, but you have to pay extra fees for using any of the services or activities (like the ferries wheel, mini golf, bowling, etc.). You can check all the prices on their website!


If you have heart problems, you can only visit with a medical certificate. To be honest, no one will ask you about it at the entrance, but please be aware of that.


It is not advisable for infants and children below the age of two to spend more than an hour in the mine.


You have to walk a few minutes to get inside the salt mine, from there you can use an elevator to go down to the amusement park. We took the stairs instead.


You can not bring food or pets inside the salt mine.


The price of a parking ticket is 5 RON.


In the pavilion near the entrance there is an ATM you can use.


In the mine there is no phone signal.













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