Photos that will make you fall in love with Transylvania


Transylvania is the land of vampires breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity and amazing cities. This is the place where I grew up, where I took my first trips, where I learned how to hitchhike, where I started appreciating nature, and this is the place that still can take me by surprise anytime. It’s what I call home.


Transylvania is a region in central Romania known for its medieval towns, beautiful mountains, vibrant cultural life, medieval fortresses and castles.


The following pictures are the works of a friend of mine, who started taking pictures as a hobby a few years ago. While he traveled to a lot of exotic destinations and took some postcard-worthy images, I fell in love with the ones about Transylvania. The photos are a clean, bright and colorful representation of this region in Romania- how I always think about Transylvania.



cheile turzii romania


cheile turzii






Balea lake in transfagarasan road


Cheile Bicazului


Cheile Bicazului


Bran Castle


Bran Castle,


Bran Castle,


Hunedoara Castle


Omu peak





alba iulia










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