Northwestern Turkey: an analog photo diary

I lived six months in Northwestern Turkey.
During this time I explored the area with my boyfriend. Armed with a 22-year-old camera I tried to capture the beauty of the region, its cities, sceneries, and secrets.


I gazed at mosques, crowds, seasides.

I admired prayers, smiles, waves.

I engraved in my heart the bustle of bazaars, the timeless chaos, the ordinary weekdays.


It is so easy to fall in love with an old camera’s shutter sound. To wait weeks or months until you finally hold a photo. To try and fail, and try again. An analog camera doesn’t forgive. An analog photo is harsh. It tells you the truth, it’s the ultimate #nofilter experience.


While living in Turkey I captured the everydays: the prayers, the shopping, the struggles, the selfies, the family dinners- things that made me feel at home in Turkey.

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  • jin says:

    oh i LOVE your analog photos – truly a lost art! And it must of been a dream to stay in Turkey that long! I’m totally jealous that you had that opportunity! But nonetheless, I’m sure it’s an unforgettable experience. You’re stunning captures reflect that!

    • Brigitta says:

      Thank you so much, Jin! It surely was a lifetime experience, and I am so glad I could capture a tiny part of it 🙂 So glad you liked it, thank you! 🙂

  • Wow it looks amazing. Turkey has a bit of a shifty reputation but I would love to visit.

    • Brigitta says:

      Unfortunately, you are right, I experienced a few things myself (like the coup last year). But all in all I must say it is a wonderful country with charming people 🙂

  • Alaine says:

    Wow – your pics are amazing and to all analog! Just wow!

  • Kay says:

    looks like such an interesting place! I was actually born in Turkey, but haven’t returned to make any memories there. I really look forward to doing that someday.

  • Pascale says:

    Amazing pictures of a truly wonderful country. Love the way you have captured the spirit.

  • Kathi says:

    Your photos are beautiful! It’s such a different experience to photograph on film – it feels a lot more special! I have my dad’s old camera as well as my partner’s dad’s old camera (which I haven’t tried yet). I’m not confident enough with them to substitute my DSLR entirely, but I hope I can bring them along as a second camera on another trip soon!

    • Brigitta says:

      You should try it! It’s like a whole new world. I also take pictures with a DSLR, but an analog- ah, it’s like the heart of photography 🙂 I wouldn’t substitute it entirely- the risk is too high, haha 🙂 Can’t wait to see your results 🙂

  • Your photos are absolutely magical! Despite being unforgiving, I feel like there’s some sort of atmosphere or quality analog cameras capture that digital ones do not.

    • Brigitta says:

      Thank you so much, Ania! <3 I think that is the reason why I love analog photography- for that atmosphere, for that palpable magic 🙂 ps: try it, if you have the opportunity!

  • Such beautiful shots Brigitta! I’m completely with you on the sound of the old cameras…so special!

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