How to keep a travel diary



Do you often find yourself sad or nostalgic after a travel? Do you keep looking at the awesome pictures you took while on the road? Do you wish you knew more about a landscape after visiting it? Keep a travel diary!


While it may sound sooo 90’s to keep an offline diary, it will cheer you up every time you read it. Write down notes, thoughts, surprises, clichés, jokes, useful information- this will not only keep you busy on long train journeys, it will also be heartwarming to read it after a few months or years.


I used to keep a travel diary in which I would write only when I was traveling by train: the people I saw, the nature, the funny situations, where I was traveling and why- it was just a collection of my thoughts and observations during the road to keep me busy.


After two years I came across this little notebook and it was so amazing to re-live those long journeys full of funny characters and situations! Since then I always write down the details of my journeys. I have to admit I’m not a very organized diary keeper: I write down my thoughts everywhere (notebooks, phone, post-its, more notebooks, my hand, pieces of paper).


Here are some advises on how to start your offline travel diary:



Write every day


While traveling, of course. If you’re really into writing, write every day, why not? It’s such a relaxing way to end your day: sitting down with a glass of wine tea and write down everything that comes to your mind.


The places you visited, the people you met, the things you found interesting, fun facts, funny situations, frustrating things, what made you sad, happy- anything. Write about the “downs” also, not just the “ups”. You hated the food? The guy at the museum was rude? You really don’t get along with your travel buddies? Write all that down. Time heals everything (and it also makes it funnier).


Get yourself a nice little notebook and try to write a few thoughts every day. When you don’t feel like writing- write down why.



Keep your memories organized


You can stick tickets, business cards, nice pictures in your diary, it may be useful someday. At least that’s what I keep telling myself while looking at a 5 year old train ticket ?


You saw a nice café on a little street? Make a section with addresses of nice places, restaurants. You want to check more info about a place you saw? Make a to-check-later list. Be creative, organize what you’re interested in and you can even make your own mini travel guide.


Keep more than one diary


I know, it sounds horrible in the digital era to actually take notes with your hands when you can just type it in your phone or snap a picture. But your phone can and will discharge. And it will discharge when you need it the most, you know that.


Keep a little notebook for basic information: addresses of museums, your accommodation, bus and train schedule, opening hours, travel itinerary, exchange rate. This could be a really small notebook that fits in your pocket and could save your life ?

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