About me



‘What a great question!’ Thanks!

Sorry, I am really awkward when I have to talk about myself.


My name is Brigitta and I am from Transylvania (yes, I also wish I were a vampire).


I have always loved traveling and exploring the world around me. But probably you guessed that already. However, I am a bit clumsy: I get lost, spill my drinks, forget something important at home, lose my shoes (yep, that happened) and the list could go on and on. But, hey, I love it!



Being curious about everything is what keeps me going. Getting lost is what keeps me going further!


I am definitely not the most traveled person you will meet, but I visited a few places, swam naked in lakes, slept in several hostels/dorms/corridors/cars, lived in a few cities and hitchhiked through my teenage years (to my mother’s horror).


Countries I have visited: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.


I am NOT afraid of a pigeon! I repeat, I am NOT afraid 🙂


Some fun facts about me:


  • I love video games
  • I can tell jokes about everything (well, almost everything. There are no jokes about the pyramids!)
  • I always read every sign near a monument
  • I am afraid of heights
  • I love food
  • I love the Balkans
  • I love fun facts and I always share them (requested or not)
  • I wanted to become an actress
  • I love art in any form
  • I write poems
  • I love sarcasm and black humor
  • We take a Polaroid picture in every city we visit together with my boyfriend




dubrovnik, coratia, travel

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!



One of the things about traveling is that you CAN and you WILL get lost. Traveling to a foreign country is like being a child again: you can’t read, you have no idea what the adults are talking about and you are afraid to even cross the road. And isn’t that beautiful? 🙂



My aim with this blog is to show you what an amazing place our world is and INSPIRE people to travel.







I do not care if you are a backpacker, solo traveler, luxury traveler, afraid to travel, budget traveler, occasional tourist- I am and I will always support traveling in any form of it.

I truly believe there is no other way that teaches you so much about the world and about yourself than traveling.


My goal with this travel blog is to inspire YOU (yes you, reading this in your comfy chair) to pack your suitcase and GO. Anywhere. Catch a cheap flight, visit friends abroad, hitchhike or discover your own city. Really, JUST GO.




Oh, you’re still here? 🙂


  • Articles about the places I have visited
  • City guides
  • Recommendations
  • Useful information about countries and cities
  • Honest opinions about places
  • Humor and sarcasm
  • Budget travel tips
  • Resources to make your trips easier



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